What I learned building 20+ startups in 5 years.

10 lessons learned the hard way

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Hi Venturists 👋,

I know what you're thinking…

How the hell does someone build 20+ startups in 5 years?

Let me get that out of the way.

I work as an independent corporate venture builder, with bundl.com.
Building startups from nothing to PM-fit is sort of my job. Except instead of VC money, we use corporate money.

To get an idea, have a look at some of our hero cases, like this free-roam VR playground.

Next to that, I've had my own startup adventures. I failed 2 startups, and am actively running 3 right now: Avatek, Studio Stift, and Venturism.

Lastly, I closely coached and co-piloted an additional handful of startups at various stages of maturity, bringing the tally up to somewhere over 20.

In this article...

...I share my lessons learned over the past 5 years of building ventures, on varying levels of abstraction. Some are very high-level, some straight from the trenches.

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