The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Customer Needs – Part 1: Critical Pains

How bad is the headache?

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Hi Venturists 👋,

Would you take a painkiller if there was a 10% chance that it might kill you?

As Michael Jordan pointed out:

The same goes for your audience.

In this week’s Article…

We dive head(ache) first into customer insights, in a three-part series.
First up: How to find, understand and validate Critical Pains.

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Next time…

…we continue exploring customer needs:
How to identify your audience’s Jobs to be Done:

  • A closer look at your customer’s Mission.

  • Why understanding JTBD makes for better products

One More Thing…

What will we cover?

  • How to Find & Grow your Niche Audience

  • Understanding your Customer's Pains & Needs

  • How to Shape, Pitch and Sell your Ideas

  • How to Build & Manage Multiple Products

  • The Best Ways to Validate Any Idea

  • The Launch Strategies to Monetise from Day 1

  • The Startup Studio Mentality: Build a Profitable Product Portfolio

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