NoCode Thinking: How to go from Tinkerer to Founder

6 Key Mental Models for Success

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NoCode’s bias to action is its downfall.

The good: NoCode has almost completely closed the gap between idea and product.
It’s so accessible, you could build a new MVP every day.

The bad: NoCode’s accessibility is a double-edged sword.
Too many people build the first thing that comes to mind.
And because of that, their idea fails.

With a few simple mindset shifts, tinkerers can become serial founders.

We like to call it NoCode Thinking. The recipe to continuously deliver Class A Startups.

Like a Michelin chef 👨🏽‍🍳

In this week’s Article…

we explore the 6 Key Mental Models NoCoders can adopt to 10x their chances of launching something great.

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